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5 Things You Should Be Doing With Your Summer Hair

5 Things You Should Be Doing With Your Summer Hair

  It’s summer!!..ish! If your hair didn’t leap off of your head and give up this terrible past winter it definitely deserves some love. Ease up on the protective styles and embrace it this summer! You know you missed it.   Here are couple things I recommend in order to fully celebrate the upcoming beachfront […]

“New boo, Meet My Hair”

  Is it possible to have an existential crisis connected to hair?   After last night, I’m gonna have to go with the affirmative.  Ugh.   Let me explain.   Ya’ll know how much I love my hair. I LOVE my kinks. I love that it’s growing and that it’s big and different. There is […]

Reasons Why It's Ok For Your Hair to Hate Combs

Reasons Why It’s Ok For Your Hair to Hate Combs

Literately every time I tweet “The kinkier your hair is, the less likely it is to tangle” I get an overwhelming amount of responses from naysayers and skeptics (seriously, I could tweet it at 3 am and it seems like people would actually wake up in order to contest it). Trying to expound on the […]

How I'm Growing My 4c Hair Out-Updated

How I’m Growing My 4c Hair Out-Updated

  Guys! My hair is growing out! Excuse me if my excitement seems unwarranted but after a year of coloring and manipulation, my hair was in a state of stagnation at best, damage at worst. This was upsetting to me for a myriad of reasons, you can imagine. 1) My hair wasn’t growing. That’s frustrating […]

Hey New Naturals!!

Hey New Naturals!!

Preface: Now that I’ve gotten your attention with the featured pic, I apologize for the featured pic. Random head licking is NOT a part of transitioning. Aight. Enjoy the post. -Management   When my good friend sent me a text saying that she was going natural this week, I let out loud, hallelujah, sister-girl squeal. […]