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Ledisi's I Blame You Video Is A Natural Hair Treasure Trove of Greatness

Ledisi’s I Blame You Video Is A Natural Hair Treasure Trove of Greatness

Oh Ledisi.

How do I love thine gilded locs? Let me count the ways.

The title is long because it and only it captures the way watching the video below makes me feel. Ledisi’s song is light yet soulful, the beat is sick, and the hair…LAWD the natural hair styles in this video are breathtaking.

Also. She look fuggin FIERCE in it.


The man candy isn’t bad at all. 😉

Check it out:


Love Is In The Hair ;-)

Love Is In The Hair ;-)

Does love need a preamble? Especially HAIR LOVE??   No.   But I’m a creature of habit. So deal.   Inspired by Valentine’s Day in the way only single kinky-haired girls can be (or maybe just me) I decided that a great way to celebrate was to share some natural hair love with you guys! […]

“New boo, Meet My Hair”

  Is it possible to have an existential crisis connected to hair?   After last night, I’m gonna have to go with the affirmative.  Ugh.   Let me explain.   Ya’ll know how much I love my hair. I LOVE my kinks. I love that it’s growing and that it’s big and different. There is […]

Reasons Why It's Ok For Your Hair to Hate Combs

Reasons Why It’s Ok For Your Hair to Hate Combs

Literately every time I tweet “The kinkier your hair is, the less likely it is to tangle” I get an overwhelming amount of responses from naysayers and skeptics (seriously, I could tweet it at 3 am and it seems like people would actually wake up in order to contest it). Trying to expound on the […]

How I'm Growing My 4c Hair Out-Updated

How I’m Growing My 4c Hair Out-Updated

  Guys! My hair is growing out! Excuse me if my excitement seems unwarranted but after a year of coloring and manipulation, my hair was in a state of stagnation at best, damage at worst. This was upsetting to me for a myriad of reasons, you can imagine. 1) My hair wasn’t growing. That’s frustrating […]

“Leave My Hair Out Of It!”

I had a disheartening conversation the other day.   I have a really gorgeous friend who has gone back and forth with her natural hair since before I went natural four years ago (a.k.a. A LONG ASS TIME). She will grow it out. Wear it natural. Weave it. Wig it. Press it. Say that she […]

“I liked the braids better.”

Like many hair-savvy naturalistas, my hair changes with the season. Or the month, depending on how I’m feeling. I’ll be rocking an updo today; waist long braids next week, and a full blow out a month later. In terms of how much time I spend in each style, one couldn’t really tell whether I have […]

Hey New Naturals!!

Hey New Naturals!!

Preface: Now that I’ve gotten your attention with the featured pic, I apologize for the featured pic. Random head licking is NOT a part of transitioning. Aight. Enjoy the post. -Management   When my good friend sent me a text saying that she was going natural this week, I let out loud, hallelujah, sister-girl squeal. […]

Natural Beauty: Tint Review for Fresh Summer Skin!

Natural Beauty: Tint Review for Fresh Summer Skin!

What’s awesome hair without beautiful skin?? (Still awesome hair, but I digress) We are happy to introduce our latest feature Natural Beauty, and even happier to introduce our first guest blogger Beauty School Scarlet! Check out her beauty review below, and check her out here for even more product reviews.     Tarte BB Tint, […]

African Pride's

African Pride’s “A Mother’s Love” was swanky as a mother. Haha.

    African Pride sure knows how to treat a lady. Especially one whose mothered children.   On May 17, 2013, I entered into the Art Revolution, a lofty art gallery on Chicago’s lower west side, not knowing exactly what to expect. I checked in as media, stepped onto the elevator, hit the number 2 […]