5 Things You Should Be Doing With Your Summer Hair

5 Things You Should Be Doing With Your Summer Hair


It’s summer!!..ish! If your hair didn’t leap off of your head and give up this terrible past winter it definitely deserves some love. Ease up on the protective styles and embrace it this summer! You know you missed it.


Here are couple things I recommend in order to fully celebrate the upcoming beachfront worthy days;


  1. Wear it out!

It’s warm and beautiful outside and your hair wants to come out and play! Match spring and summer’s easy breezy fashion with light, I-woke-up-like-this hair like easy puffs, defined wash-n-gos, and light, fluffy blowouts. For more structure add a twisted or braided headband, but you don’t have to do too much. Warmer days are lazier. I would hate for you to have to work hard on your hair.


  1. Stretch your moisturizer!

Because it’s warmer your natural hair won’t dry out as much as it did in the winter. This means not only can you get away with not wearing as many protective styles, but you can also get away with moisturizing less (great news for your wallet). Use more water and oils and less lotions and butters, or keep your heavier moisturizers and use them only every other day.


  1. Embrace the shrink!

Shrinkage is actually good for you when it’s hot outside. It naturally creates vents to your scalp so that air can cool it, helping to prevent instances of things like heat stroke. Scientists theorize that the evolutionary purpose of shrinkage was to prevent the wearer from overheating while he battled hours of blazing sun. So love it and wear styles that can show it off, like a cute mini fro-hawk or a puff-n-bang. Or just skip styling it altogether and rock a cute straw hat instead.


  1. Ditch the slick!

Heavy pomades around your edges this time of year will lead to buildup and breakouts very easily. Use gels like Ecostyler and wear a scarf before you go out to lay your edges down, or only apply your pomade every other day and refresh it with water every other day. Remember, summer days and easy, breezy, and….sweaty. You definitely don’t want your $17 pomade running down your face when you’re tryna be cute. Cause it ain’t.


  1. Lather up more frequently!

This should go without saying. You are out a lot more, you’re probably secreting more bodily fluids than you did when it was cooler (’cause, you know, sweat) and if you’re trying to get to your summer time fine, you’re probably working out more too. Making a bi-weekly or every ten-day shampoo more frequent will be absolutely necessary. Also, it’s probably advisable to stick with co-wash or no-poo options so that the more frequent washes don’t dry your hair out.


  1. Guzzle more H2O!

Duh. Because

a)    It’s hot and you’re loosing water more frequently.

b)   Because besides the fact that drinking water makes your skin clearer, your lips softer, and basically your whole body work more efficiently, drinking enough of it also keeps your hair hydrated.



Happy warmer days to you and yours! I hope that you and your kinks have a long and happy summer together. 🙂




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