5 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Listen up, boos of natural hair.

Sometimes you want to the surprise the natural hair wearers that you love, which is awesome. But when certain special days surprise YOU, it’s time for a contingency plan. Don’t have one? No worries. We gotcho playa.

1.The roses are sold out and if you want to survive the coming hours, you’re going to have to move on. Fortunately, the avocados are still plentiful. Head over to your local grocer and scoop up 8 to 10 for your lady. Packed with vitamins and healthy fats, they make an amazing strengthening and moisturizing conditioner when mashed down and blended with olive oil and plain yogurt.

She’ll thank you later.

And if she doesn’t, just pretend you were gonna surprise her with your “famous” guacamole.

2.You can buy her negligee if you want, but the chances of you picking a flattering cut, size and color from the dregs of yesterdays frenzy are very slim—especially under stress. Skip the silk and satin under things for silk and satin pillow cases and sheets. They’re easy on her kinks and coils and just as sexy as lingerie with the added bonus of being more thoughtful!

3. A bottle of champagne is nice. But for our boys on a budget a bottle of argan oil is right up your alley. 100% Pure Argan Oil isn’t as readily available as many of us naturalistas would like and when it is, its usually a pretty penny. (A cute penny, really. $10 an ounce isn’t unheard of.) But that’s only because it’s arguably one of the best oils available not only for hair, but for scalp and skin as well! If you’ve got $20 and can locate some in your city then Happy Valentines Day to you sir! You deserve it!

(If not, get the champagne.)

4. The girl who can run out of both shampoo and conditioner at the same time, is doing something terribly wrong. Many women will use one bottle of shampoo to two bottles of conditioner. And that doesn’t include those of us who are bathroom chemist and like to mix and blend and concoct things. So if you absolutely cannot locate avocados, satin sheets, or argan oil, pick up at least two bottles of her favorite conditioner and a nice leave in to go with it, making sure petroleum and mineral oil are not among the list of ingredients.

WARNING: When you walk in with bottles of conditioner, she will know that you forgot and you will be in trouble. This needs to be paired with the promise of shoe shopping, a nice meal, a back rub and #5.



5. Let’s say you can’t afford any of this (no shame, we’ve all been there). You can still show how much you care by indulging her in a nice, invigorating scalp massage. Scalp massages are important, not only for hair growth but also for stress and tension relief, but with our busy schedules, when it comes to hair care, scalp love is usually the first to be overlooked. Find a romantic movie on Netflix, light some candles and have her sit in a comfortable chair. Use the pads of your fingers to apply light pressure to the scalp in circular motions. Use peppermint or eucalyptus oil if you can. And be prepared to devote at least an hour.


Better luck next year! 



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