4 Ways Your Kinks Will Help You Survive This Summer!

4 Ways Your Kinks Will Help You Survive This Summer!

Kinks and curls are gorgeous, but did you know that they were also useful in hot weather?? (Say what??) Yup! As if you didn’t love your natural hair enough here’s four more reasons why your hair is awesome in the summertime.





  Kinky/curly hair protects the wearer from UV rays. 


Straight hair works much like a fiber optics tube would in terms of the conduction of UV light. The UV rays can enter the root and scalp by way of the hair shaft. This feature was very useful to the ancestors of people with straight hair, as they originate from colder climates that typically get less sunlight. Kinky hair, due in part to it’s many kinks and curves does not react this way to UV rays. Evolutionists theorize that along with UV protected skin, Africans near the equator developed this type of hair as a form of protection from the intense sun.



 Kinky/curly hair keeps your scalp cooler.


Kinky hair grows out, away from the scalp, as opposed to down, close to the scalp. No matter how long your hair is, in its natural state there is roughly the same amount of hairs touching your scalp at one time. Also, kinky hair has springs and coils that work sort of like air pockets and vents. These two factors together allow for air to continuously reach and cool the scalp down, even in very hot weather. This also makes those with kinky hair less prone to things like heat stroke or heat exhaustion.



Kinky hair is moisture resistant.

Kinky hair shrinks when wet. If your hair is already shrunken then there is little to no physical reaction to moisture. This is very different to other textures, who respond to moisture by stretching. What does this mean? Kinky hair stays more comfortable in hot, humid weather. It does not hang lower or need to be wiped out of the face. Evolutionists believe that this mutation came about to aid the early African, whose daily activities included hunting and gathering in the hot sun. The more you sweat, the more out of your face you hair gets!



Kinky hair has volume without all the bulk.

Though kinky hair looks thick, those with kinky hair have the lowest hair density of any other hair type. Could you tell? Probably not, because kinky hair actually LOOKS like the thickest of all hair types. It is naturally very voluminous! Because of this you can achieve very big and thick looking hairstyles without much effort without having to deal with the heat or bulkiness that other hair types with the same volume would have to suffer.


Whaddya know? Your hair is “cool”  in more ways than one. 😉


Adapted from Oct 6, 2011 post


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  1. Crissy says:

    Thank you for giving me four more reasons to love my hair!! (As If I didn’t love it enough already!)

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